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Downhole Tools
Drilling Jar, Thrusters, Stabilizer, Reamers.etc
OEM Downhole Tool Manufacturer We can design and Manufacture New Downhole Drilling tools. Also Rental the tools. : Drilling Jar, Thruster , Adjustable Reamer, etc.
Buy & Repair Used BOP and Tools , Fishing Tool We can Buy , Repair,Rental BOP, and Downhole Tools.
We can Agent your products in China or Abroad. We need cooperate on Tool Design, and Advanced MWD or Measurement Technologies.
marketing your Products
If you are talent and want team work, whatever Products design or Service we can work together. just contact us and share your IDEAS , show us your talent and resources. we can support and invest your Dreams. View All >
Oilfield Chemicals
We need talent person for Drilling Mud Additives, EOR technology and Other, 1. We can deal with Technologies 2. We can sale your products in china 3. We hire Talents technicians experts, View All >
We are 10+ Background in Oilfield Industry, Hope can cooperate with you We are professionals work in oilfield industry more than 10 years, and we have 30+ technician, can feed your need. We also can service for you: Purchasing, Supply etc.
We Agent for Pressure vessels factory
This factory can manufacture all kinds of Pressure Vessel, can used on Oilfield Accumulator and other field. Read More    >
Products In INVENTORY View All   >
Cooperation WANTED and Notice ! View All   >
March-20-2021 Read More    >
FINANTIAL and ADVERTISING March-08-2021 WE HELP you our Advertising overseas. Read More    >