Sinorig Oilwell Services Ltd

Drilling Downhole Tools
Drilling Downhole Tools

SINORIG holded Shop , Locate in Sichuan province, with a 4000 squre Meter Space and 30+ Techintian and Staff,  is a collection of scientific research, new technology promotion and application, petroleum equipment, tools, instrument design, manufacturing, repair, leasing and petroleum engineering technology services An integrated high-tech enterprise. And has passed ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification and API certification of American Petroleum Institute. The company has gathered a group of high-quality management and scientific and technological talents, has a number of high-tech invention patents and utility model patents, and has strong R&D, manufacturing and market competitiveness

Together with the University of Petroleum and relevant scientific research departments, our company has developed dozens of patented and proprietary technologies for petroleum tools, approved by various petroleum engineering companies of Sinopec, petroleum drilling companies of CNPC and many countries in the Middle East that the products have advanced technology, stable quality and high-quality services, and have been praised by users. It has played an important role in improving the drilling speed, well quality, downhole safety and economic benefits of petroleum engineering.

The company takes "technological innovation as the foundation, product and service quality as the foundation, integrity management and customer satisfaction as the tenet, and joint promotion of petroleum engineering technology progress as its own responsibility." The company strengthens the quality of service and implements total quality management. Ensure product quality with the quality of the work of all staff.

The company promises to make every piece of petroleum tools into high-quality products, to ensure that the product pass rate is 100%; to provide services to the scene, anxious for users, and think about what users think. Willing to make greater contributions to the advancement of China's oil and gas field exploration and development technology.

SJ型水力加压器 Hydraulic Thruster    1
水力振荡器Hydraulic Oscilator    3
HJ型机械式减震器Mechanical Shock Tool    5
YJ型液压减震器Hydraulic Shock Tool    6
SJ型双向减震器Tow-Way Shock Tool    6
QJ型机械式随钻震击器Mechanical Drill Jar    8
QY型全液压随钻震击器Hydraulic Drilling Jar    10
DJ型地面震击器Surface Bumper Jar    11
KXJ型开式下击器Fishing Bumper Jar    12
CSJ型超级震击器Super Fishing Jar    13
YJQ型液压加速器Hydraulic Jar Intensifier    14
遥控变径稳定器Remote Guage Stabilizer    15
可调式变径稳定器Adjustable Guage Stabilizer    16
无限次开关旁通阀 PTL Tool    17
套管防磨接头Casing Anti-wear Joint    19
岩屑床清理器Cuttings Bed Cleaner    20
随钻微扩眼器Reamed-Dimension Stabilizer    22
钻通刮一体工具Drill-Drift Scraper    23
随钻安全装置Safety Sub    23
钻具扩眼器 KYQ Joint    26
泥浆防溅阀Mud No-splash Valve    27
旋塞阀Kelly & Top Drive Plug    28
箭形止回阀Arrow Back-pressure Valve    29
钻具浮阀Float Sub    30
旁通阀Bypass Valve    31
板式强磁打捞器Plate Magnetic Fisher    32
LX型螺旋扶正器Integral Spiral Stabilizer    32
LT-T型可退式卡瓦打捞筒Releasing and Circulating Overshot    33
LM-T型可退式卡瓦打捞矛Grapple Releasing Spear    33
扭力冲击器Rotational Impactor    33