Sinorig Oilwell Services Ltd

Who We Are

SROW  registered in HongKong,SHOP in CHina.
We are OEM factotry fot OIl Tools & Repair SHOP

SROW registered in HongKong in 2012 , and shop locate in Sichuan,  We are professional Factory work for designing and Manufacture OilTOOLS, with API & ISO certified, as: Drilling Jars, Thrusters, Down Hole Vibrators, stabilizer, Performance drilling tools, fishing tools etc,  the main function is Resolve Downhole Drilling Problems. We have more than 10 patents register in china. SROW also can conduct Jars &  BOPs repair  ( Buy & Sale after repair) Business for more than 10+ Years in Oil and Gas field. Our products sale in USA, Middle East and UAE ( United Arabian Emirates ) ,majorly in Oil & Gas upstream,We always BUY used Equipments and REPAIR & also run RENTAL business. We are not only directly sale products, we are ambition for helping our assiciated clients sale their products, build service network, sourcing good design and technologies,  Hunting Talent technology or marketing staff, whatever full tim or part timer, our  founders are long experience in Oil and Gas drilling operation , designing, most of them are Schlumberger, Weatherford, NOV background. Our sale office and Linked companies locate in Houston, Singapore, Dubai,Chengdu ( China),  we are vender supplier of  CNPC, SINOPEC and CNOOC in Saudi Arabia, Middle East and Pakistan, Middle Asia etc. 


PRODUCTS for Buy & Sale: 
Drilling Jar, 

Hydraulic Viborator ; 
Hydraulic SHock Tool, 
Fishing Bumper Jar ,
Remore-COntrol Stabilizer; 
Adjustable Stabilizer, 
Kelly Valbes, 
Float Valves, 
FIshing Tools, 


SERVICES for Buy & Sale: 

We buy Oil Tools designing and Patents, technologis,  authorize sale and Purchase; Hunting technology engineers from overseas, We can purchase for our china members from Overseas,  We can invest Funds at advance. 

WE HIRE wordwidely 


1   Marketing staff

2   Oilfield partners.



How Could you work with SROW?  


  1. Authorize Sale accumulators, Surplus Oilfield Equipments & Products,  If you have surplus of  Equipments, you can send to our team, we can put our website , marketing worldwidely, you can pay us on Advertising yearly or  on Commission bases. 
  2. Sourcing technology and talent  engineers, Labours, we help our members to develop new products and marketing world widely. we can help the Working Visa in china. 
  3. Emergency Funds & Authorize Purchase, WE can purchased for our Member factories from Overseas using our service network, we can provide funds , L/C or Loan, and Save your enterprises or personal cost & Tax. lowest the risk for business. 


 Welcome join SINORIG network , just send a mail about you and your company,  or inquery, we will sincerely cooperate with you , seek a solution for your business or personal career developing. 



E-mail :    

Dubai ( UAE)  :  +971- 58 5848299. 
HongKong:  +852- 6550 6531 
China Chengdu Mobile and Whatsapp :  +86 13618338999 


Address : Floor 11, Chivalier House, 45-51, Chatham ARoad South, Tsim She Tsui, Kowloon, HongKong.