koomey unit ten stations.

Item No.: 1280-10
koomey unit for bop remote control
Product parameters
koomey unite for bop remote control, model: 1280-10, 10 stations, manufacturer in year 2017,  factory: guangzhou 

koomey unit ten stations.
koomey unit for bop remote control
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kill and choke manifold for 15000 psi BOP stack
Kill and choke manifold for 15000 psi bop.
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kill &choke manifold for 13-5/8" 15000 bop stack
103/78-15000 psi kill and choke manifold, with cho...
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16-3/4" 5/10M Ram BOP Spare Parts
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Nov 04, 2020
18-3/4″ 15K CAMERON TL BOP STACK BOP CAMERON TL 1 Double Ram Cameron TL 1 Set 2 Single Cameron TL 1 Set 3 18 3/4 Inches , 10000 PSI 1 Including annular Cameron DL Annular Camerol DL or Annular Cameron Wedge Cover

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